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Making room (clearing disk space) on a Windows Plesk server

You can empty this folder…


C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Plesk\PrivateTemp


If it gets really full (the one i was dealing with was 4gb)


Putty Desktop Shortcuts

Here’s one way of automating logging into via ssh in windows…

Make a folder

Open the folder

Right click

Select ‘New’ then ‘Shortcut’

It will ask for the location of the item, make sure this points to where putty is on your computer

C:\Users\Yourusername\SSH\putty.exe -ssh root@xx.xx.xx.xx -pw xxxxxxxxx

Then give it an appropriate name and bingo bongo!

Oh yeah, back that folder up regular, I just deleted all of mine accidentally, i cried inside.


Terminal Server has exceeded the maximum number of connections

Seeing this message when trying to connect a new RDP sesh?

You can log into a session called the ‘console session’ in order to log out inactive users.

Type the following in a Start -> Run or Command Prompt.

mstsc /v: /admin   or   mstsc /v: /console

Replace with your server’s IP Address.