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non ssl site on Cpanel site showing other sites content on https?

This does happen.

Seems there is an issue with SNI which means that to resolve this issue we needed to assign a dedicated IP address to the domain using the ssl.



Test SSL using temp URL

I have to setup domains on servers which the dom DNS does not point to.


I need to test an SSL I installed, so i thought i’ll try the tempURL, blow me it worked.



Pip Pip

SSL creation cPanel error ‘CSR contains unsupported extensions’

I see this error given at SSL vendor when submitting the CSR for the cert ‘CSR contains unsupported extensions’


Turns out the vendor does not like the passphrase set when creating the CSR on CPanel.


It does not like some special characters (I don’t know which ones unfortunately), so I set a complex one avoiding special characters.