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Test SSL using temp URL

I have to setup domains on servers which the dom DNS does not point to.


I need to test an SSL I installed, so i thought i’ll try the tempURL, blow me it worked.



Pip Pip


Plesk (linux) PHP Spammer

You may well get notification of spam leaving your server.

Check the mail queue and the mail in question, it should give you the user id and domain where the spam originates from and sometimes a file name.

If not try…

It is usually very difficult to discover the source of spam. If you are absolutely sure that a script is sending the spam (because the tail grows rapidly for no apparent reason), you can use the following script to determine which PHP scripts are currently running:

# lsof +r 1 -p `ps axww | grep httpd | grep -v grep | awk ‘ { if(!str) { str=$1 } else { str=str”,”$1}}END{print str}’` | grep vhosts | grep php


this is from here…

Plesk, Windows, Persits aint installed no more, pah, no wait it is, what?

Now and again an update can knacker the perms on Persits dll’s.

Check user perms for psaadm and psacln have read & execute on the actual dll file

usually here

C:\Program Files (x86)\Persits Software\Asp….

(This can also relate to the registry losing it;s mind too but thats a different thing, re reg .dll)


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