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add another person’s calendar to my calendar view Outlook OWA

add another person’s calendar to my calendar view

If you receive an invitation to share someone else’s calendar, you can select the link in the invitation to add their calendar to your calendar view.

You also can go your Calendar to add other people’s calendars to your view.

Right-click in the navigation pane where you see Other calendars. Or, touch and hold if you’re using a touch device.

Choose Open calendar.

To add a calendar that belongs to someone in your organization, in the From directory box, type their name. The From directory box works like the To box in a new email message. After you type the name, choose Open to add the calendar.

To add a calendar from outside your organization, in the Internet calendar box type the URL, and then choose Open. The URL probably ends with the .ics file extension.

After you add another calendar, you can select it to add it to, or remove it from, your calendar view. Or use the context menu to rename it, change its color, or delete it from your view.

For information about editing someone else’s calendar, see Manage someone else’s calendar in Outlook Web App.

For more information about opening calendars from outside your organization see Open an Internet calendar in Outlook Web App.


Migrating a domain, DNS change, nerves …

I’m migrating a domain site to a new server.

Many many many checks have been done, many.

This involves a nameserver change on the domain.

One thing I like to keep an eye on is the outlook DNS, Outlook hosts the mail so we need to pay attention to the DNS settings.

I just ping to see if it’s updated correctly


exchange migration 2010 – 2013, outlook issues

Specifically this bit…

Method 1: Repair the Exchange email account
To repair the Exchange email account, follow these steps:

Start Outlook.
Click File, Account Settings, and then click Account Settings.
With the Exchange email account selected, click Repair.
In the Repair Account dialog box, click Next.
After the configuration finishes, restart Outlook.

After you restart Outlook, the status bar may show your status as Working Offline. To connect, follow these steps:

Click the Send/Receive tab.
Click Work Offline to turn off this feature.