Monthly Archives: July 2014

Exim delete mail from specified user

exiqgrep -ir | xargs exim -Mrm



Domain Status: clientHold

From time to time clients get in touch when their site is ‘down’.

Sometimes this turns out to be an issue with the domain registration.

So if you see ‘Domain Status: clientHold’ in the who is info for the domain, it means the domain is expired even though the expiry date has not been reached (it may have been reached and extended by the registrar as part of a redemption period to allow the existing registrant to renew).


Terminal Server has exceeded the maximum number of connections

Seeing this message when trying to connect a new RDP sesh?

You can log into a session called the ‘console session’ in order to log out inactive users.

Type the following in a Start -> Run or Command Prompt.

mstsc /v: /admin   or   mstsc /v: /console

Replace with your server’s IP Address.