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linux du command

du -hs *

When in the folder you want to query, this command  gives you a nice list of the folders and how much space they take up


Plesk 11 Custom Errors (Windows Server 2008R2)

Custom errors don’t seem to work when we use a URL…

Go to the domain in plesk, click on virtual folders, and then click on the custom errors tab, find the error in question, make sure it’s set correctly.

RDP to machine, open IIS, find domain, open IIS error pages, ‘Edit Feature Settings’

Set to ‘custom errors’


sendmail postfix qmail , some commands…

Here are some commands for qmail

get mail q total mail in queue


display all mail in queue


delete messages by  subject line

/usr/local/psa/admin/bin/mailqueuemng -S”text here”

qmail alternate commands

this displays all the mails


this displays a total of all the mails in the q

mailq |tail -1

To remove all mail from the queue

postsuper -d ALL

where i got all this from